Elina Born & Stig Rästa – Goodbye to Yesterday

Goodbye to yesterday – Stig Rästa ja Elina Born

Am F G Em Am F G

I woke up at six a.m.
my eyes were closed but my mind was awake
pretended I was breathing in a deep sleep pace

Got dressed so quietly
I was frozen by the jingle of my keys at the door
as I got outside I smiled to the dog

I didn’t wanna wake you up
my love was never gonna be enough
so I took my things and got out of your way now girl

Why didn’t you wake me up
I’m pretty sure I would have told you to stop
lets try again and say goodbye

Goodbye to yesterday 

Why would you think like that
yeah we fight a lot but in the end
you and I we’re a perfect match

I wouldn’t want it any other way
but now your gone and I’m all alone
lying here naked and staring at the phone